Laser Cutting Services Companies in the USA

The USA is one of the most developed countries in the world. As usual, people in developed countries are more familiar with machines than hand-made long-term production. In this case, laser cutting services are also one of the most common in the USA’s modern manufacturing industry.

This article will demonstrate the top ten most popular laser cutting service companies in the USA. In addition, you will also be familiar with the company address, services of the respective organization.

Alpha graphics

This company is the most popular for local marketing in the USA. The primary goal of this company is to ensure product quality, customer satisfaction, and establishing long-term partnerships with their clients. Alpha Graphics is a local brand management and printing firm situated at 1294 Anvilwood Ct, Sunnyvale, CA 94089.

The primary services they provide are different types of laser engraved signs and laser printing, such as building signage, Exhibits and displays, point of purchase and promotional, wayfinding and Directories, window, wall, and floor, etc. Besides, the printing services include blueprint and site plans, book printing and binding, business cards, calendars, flyers, newsletters, etc.

However, all you need to do is send them your file and then get a quotation for purchase. After that, that the company will process your requirements and will deliver the products on time.


This company is another perfect service provider for laser cutting services. Ponoko was born in 2007 with a small group with big dreams. They believe in a future of digital manufacturing that empowers creativity and accelerates human development.

The address of this company is Oakland, CA, US. However, Ponoko is an online firm that provides bespoke hardware parts. Wood, plastic, papers, cardboards, textile and metal sheets, rubbers, and other materials are among its products.

Their laser cutting and engraving capabilities include ± 0.13 mm of dimensional accuracy, 0 – 0.2mm of laser kerf, 0.1 – 19.1 mm of material thickness, 790 x 384 mm of large parts, 6 x 6 mm of tiny parts, and 1 x 1mm of complex features.

Sir Speedy

This service provider is also a global company famous for laser cutting services. However, First, Sir Speedy has decades of experience. Second, It has taken the industry dealership by developing its management and technological structure. Third, this company provides attentive customer service.

The company headquarter is located in Mission Viejo, California, United States. Besides, they have a good number of branches in the USA and most countries in the world. You can find your appropriate Sir speedy location on their website. You need to put your address on their website, and then they will send you a nearby customer service center near your area.

Laser Cutting Shapes

Laser Cutting Shapes is a collection of talented designers with laser and optical technology backgrounds, fine art, communication art, fashion design, material science, and other fields. The laser cutting equipment is made entirely in European nations such as Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. They say they have the most superior and most precise laser-cutting technology available.

You can find their workshop at 6522 Singletree Drive Columbus, OH 43229. In this case, they do not provide this service globally, yet they made a good reputation.

However, the services they provide are laser cutting, laser engraving, laser-cut design, Fabrication, assembly, and finally, display and sign installation. Laser cutting shapes are capable of cutting almost all types of materials. You can have a look at the material list on their homepage.

Ohio Lasers

Since 1997, Ohio Laser has been in business. This organization started with one flat laser and three workers and has since evolved into a powerhouse that now employs over 150 people across two sites and operates over twenty flat and tube lasers.

The company headquarter is located at 8260 Estates Pkwy, Plain City, OH 43064. They serve a list of industries, such as aerospace, agriculture, alternative energy, including solar, Industrial kitchens, Oil and gas, Signage, Military, etc.

This firm offers various other metal fabrication equipment and Ohio Laser flat and tube laser cutting machines to add value to their clients’ projects. In this case, they’ve improved their industry understanding of machining, metal forming, and metal finishing so that they can offer entire metal assemblies to their clients.

A laser

A Laser manufactures specific parts for several industries, including medical, industrial, and electronics, to name a few. A-Laser offers new technologies that solve challenging design needs by integrating broad process capabilities like laser marking, chemical etching, bending, shaping, and different laser cutting frequencies.

The company headquarter is located in Milpitas, California, near the ocean. In this case, they are capable of providing services throughout the country.

A-Laser is capable of providing all types of applications in laser cutting services. The most common applications are Aerospace, Medical devices, semiconductors, Custom gasket, Laser micromachining, Laser drilling, laser skiving, laser routing, PCB Depaneling, CNC laser cut, precision laser cut, and laser cutting tolerances.

American Lasers Co

This organization provides the only laser cutting service in LA that offers DIY projects. Originally, Americal Laser Co is a professional laser cutting service provider that can almost cut anything. With their laser cutting tech-support repair service, they provide virtual assistance from anywhere in the world.

The company location is at 1319 S Los Angeles St B, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United States.

Overflow American Laser Cutters Co provides laser cutting for laser cutting firms that are just too busy to keep up. If you own a laser cutting or engraving firm, they can assist you in reaching your maximum potential.


Like other service providers, this company also brings talented design and production teams, lab space, and machines to work closely with their customers. Their laboratories in New York City and London provide cheap laser cutting, engraving, 3D printing, and creative design services.

The Fabberz headquarters is located at 68 35th Street – RM: C548, Brooklyn, NY 11232. They have multiple branches in different cities.

The lab services include industries and applications, laser cutting and engraving, personalized gifts, large format printing, acrylic printing, 3D printing, and design & CAD services. For laser cutting and engraving service, first, prepare your laser files. And then submit your files online. Faberz will send you a quotation for your uploaded files. Finally, if you confirm the purchase, they will send you the delivery As soon as possible.

Smuck laser Cutting

This organization aims for two primary services, laser cutting, and metal fabrications. As their immediate service is laser cutting, so they have advanced management in this section. Smuck Laser cutting workshop address is 543 Strasburg Pike, Lancaster, PA 17602.

The advanced equipment they use for laser cutting is a 4000-watt Fiber laser, 5000 watts CO2 Laser, 4000 watts CO2 Laser, Safan Press brake, and Hydmech Band Saw.

OEMs and other clients in the military, transportation, and recreational industries use Smucker Laser’s laser cutting services. They offer sophisticated laser machines and a comprehensive array of fabrication equipment to handle everything from prototype to large-scale production runs.

Laser cutting Inc

We took laser cutting Inc as our last pick on the list, depending on the popularity and online traffic. Laser Cutting Inc also provides precision laser cutting services similar to the above companies. The company headquarters is located at 1549 South 38th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53215-171.

However, they provide a lot of services, including laser cutting. The benefits are architectural, Awards and plaques, CNC routing and milling, Laser cutting and engraving, Event branding, Plastic Fabricating, Point of purchase displays, etc. In this case, they also use advanced machinery for better and productive output.


In this competitive world, good quality and precise services are essential in every manufacturing industry. In this case, the above ten laser cutting service companies are most popular in the USA.

We have gone through deep research and looked through online traffic. At this moment, we could successfully illustrate the top ten laser cutting service companies in the USA. We hope this article will help you with better research and may bring you a new business idea.