How Much Does a CNC Machine Cost?

CNC machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes and with varying technologies. As a result, the CNC machine price varies based on these factors. At the end of this article, we shall go through the aspects that influence the total CNC Machine cost plan.

Overview of Typical CNC Machine Price

The following table displays the original price of the products researched in 2022. On the other hand, other blogs may have more expensive price levels. However, we guarantee that this table received the most recent price change in April 2022. In addition, we will include a link to the goods so that you can justify the CNC machine price.

CNC TypePrice RangeTop Brands
Hobbyst CNC Laser Engraver$300 – $800Masuter 4040, Genric Laser Engraver, Gitsee laser engraver
Professional CNC Plasma$2490 – $18,000CrossFire 45A, STV®CNC SPARX™ 4800, Cyrious Lite 4×8
4-axis, 5-axis CNC routers$800 – $2500JFT 6040 CNC five-axis, VEVOR CNC Machine 4 Axis
Mini CNC Routers (3 axes)$220 – $ 300Genmitsu CNC Router 3018-PRO, MYSWEETY CNC 3018 Pro, VEVOR CNC 3018-PRO
Mini CNC horizontal machining (lathe for jewellery)$220 – $ 600SHOP FOX W1704, JET JWL-1015, Grizzly Industrial G8688
Mini CNC vertical Machining (milling)$280 – $1050Proxxon 37110 MF 70, WEN 33013 4.5 A, SUNWIN
Production CNC Lathe$50,000 – $ 250,000Haas ST series, Okuma Genos L250II, DOOSAN PUMA 2100SY CNC Lathe

How Much Does a CNC Machine Cost?

Every year, hundreds of machine tool producers manufacture each type of CNC. However, machine tool builders have specialities and market reputations for their quality, service, and dependability. Certain manufacturers, like as Mazak and Haas, make numerous machines easier to discover and operate every year.

cnc machine cost
Variety of CNC machining Tools

Hobbyst CNC Laser Engraver

This CNC machine is ideal for hobbyists who enjoy doing laser marking DIY projects. Hobbyist CNC laser engravers are typically three-axis CNC machines with minimal power. On Amazon, the most popular brands are Masuter 4040, Genric Laser Engraver, and Gitsee laser engraver.

The Typical price ranges for these CNC laser engravers are $300 – $800. If you require larger sizes, you may need more electricity, which will raise the price of this item.

Professional CNC Plasma Table Price

Most CNC plasma cutting tables do not come with plasma cutters. Plasma cutters with CNC tables are available from some manufacturers, such as Langmuir Systems.

CrossFire 45A, STV®CNC SPARXTM 4800, and Cyrious Lite 48 are the most popular brands. If you’re searching for the most affordable choice, choose the CrossFire 45A. The typical price ranges from $2490 to $18,000, depending on the size of the CNC table and the type of CNC machining technology used.

Hobbyist 4-axes, 5-axes CNC machine price

Like a CNC Laser engraver, Hobbyist 3-axes and 5-axes CNC routers are ideal for any DIY project. These CNC machines come with a CNC module with a multi-axis routing system.

Hobbyist 4-axes, 5-axes routers from top companies, include JFT 6040 CNC five-axis, and VEVOR CNC Machine 4-axes. The CNC machine cost of this type is typically between $800 and $2500.

Mini CNC Router Price

These mini CNC routers are ideal for people searching for professional mini CNC routers for their shops and workshops. These mini routers may also be appropriate to create a variety of arts and crafts.

However, we went with a well-known brand for mini CNC routers: Genmitsu CNC Router 3018-PRO, MYSWEETY CNC 3018 Pro, and VEVOR CNC 3018-PRO. These 3-axes mini routers have an average price range between $220 and $300.

Mini CNC horizontal machining

CNC horizontal lathes are ideal for making long-lasting, precise, and symmetrically formed metal products. Aside from the production CNC lathe, mini CNC lathes are the most common, particularly in jewellery.

We looked at models like the SHOP FOX W1704, JET JWL-1015, and Grizzly Industrial G8688 to understand the typical pricing. These mini horizontal lathes cost between $220 and $600 on average.

Mini CNC vertical Machining (milling)

Like Horizontal CNC Mini Vertical Machines, CNC Mini Lathe Machines are popular in many workshops and industrial organizations. The most popular applications for this kind are mini CNC milling and drilling.

Proxxon 37110 MF 70, WEN 33013 4.5 A, and SUNWIN are some of the well-known brands we have for this CNC machine type. The type of this CNC milling machine price range is $280 to $1050.

Production CNC Lathe

Finally, we have the big production CNC lathe machine, which is the most frequent CNC machine in industry, workshops, and schools. CNC lathe machines for production can produce complicated products faster and with less labor.

To determine the average price range for this CNC machine, we used the Haas ST series, Okuma Genos L250II, and DOOSAN PUMA 2100SY CNC Lathe as references. These are some of the most well-known CNC lathe machine manufacturers globally.

However, the typical price range for these brands is $50,000 – $250,000.

What Factors Affect CNC machine cost

As previously said, each CNC machine type has a different pricing range. But what factors influence these pricing ranges? This section will go through the factors that influence the CNC machine cost.

Material of the parts: Different materials require more time to machine than others. Steel and its alloys, for example, may take longer to machine than copper.

Manufacturing equipment: The machinery used to make various parts affects how much a manufacturer would charge. If the manufacturer does not have all of the necessary machinery, they also include the cost of outsourcing parts in the total CNC machine cost.

Part complexity and size: The complicacy of a CNC machine item increases the time required to manufacture it. It raises the overall CNC machine cost. Carving out particular patterns and forms also necessitates more machinery and procedures. This intricacy also makes completing the part inspection more difficult.

Produced Part Numbers: Ordering bulk components of the part is one of the simplest ways to purchase CNC machine parts at a lesser price.

Tolerance required: Every CNC machining process strives for precision. This technique, however, comes at a cost. Manufacturers generally raise their pricing based on the tolerance level required.

Additional Production costs: Aside from the material, quantity, labour, and quality of the components, a variety of external factors influence the CNC machine cost. It covers the tax on the specified supplies as well as the completed output.

Final Thought

Above all, the CNC machine cost depends on a variety of factors. Even if you choose in-house manufacturing, you’ll undoubtedly encounter the same challenges. Find a reputable manufacturer who offers high-quality products and is upfront about their pricing. You’ll get high-quality parts at a fair price this way.