Laser Cutting Service Companies in the UK

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Laser Cutting

Laser cutting service is nowadays becoming very famous throughout the world including the United Kingdom. You can create thousands of valuable products using laser engraving machines. However, the United kingdom has a good number of laser cutting service companies available throughout the country.

This article will demonstrate the top ten popular laser cutting service companies in the United Kingdom. We hope this article will benefit the people looking for laser cutting service companies and those who want to start a similar business in your locals.


This company is one of the most popular laser cutting service companies in the UK. However, the Studio address is at Workshop 1, Artichoke Mews, Artichoke Place, Camberwell, SE5 8TS. They are an award-winning laser cutting and engraving firm in London.

The services they provide are architecture & model making, art & sculpture, Branding & Marketing, CNC Machining, Custom Engraving, Display & Signage, Engineering & Robotics, Fashion & textiles, Furniture, and products, etc.


This company is also a popular laser cutting and engraving expert among the other laser engraving companies in the UK. They have extensive experience working directly with customers from a variety of sectors. The company address is at Easter Newburn Steading, Upper Largo, Leven, Fife, KY8 6JF.

Distilleries, artists, engineering firms, branding agencies, automobile manufacturers, and furniture makers require custom-made products and solutions from laser flair.  Their strategy is founded on their experience in project management and product development.

PP Group

Profiling and Processing group founded its management in Walkden in 1976. After that, it gradually developed its technology and machinery in the workshops. Now it became one of the most popular laser cutting service companies in the UK. The headquarter address is at Profiles Point, Drury Lane, Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL9 7PH.

PP Group profiling services include laser cutting, plasma, HD plasma cutting, water jet cutting, saw cutting, and flame cutting. On the other hand, processing services include press braking, plate rolling, edge prepping, heat treatment, deburring & finishing, grinding, non-destructive testing, and other CAD services.  

Scott Direct

This company provides multiple services at a time besides laser cutting engraving. Scott direct is a one-stop-shop for clients in a wide range of industrial industries, offering a comprehensive choice of brands. The headquarter address is at Earls Gate Business Park, Caledon Green, Grangemouth FK3 8TR, UK.

Scott Direct is also a member of Eurosafe, known as the leading organization of the top independent PPE, safety workwear, and equipment distributors in the UK and Ireland.

JGB Steel Craft

J.G.B Steelcraft (UK) Inc. was incorporated in 1977 as an engineering firm dedicated to quality, service, and on-time delivery. 40 years later, they have retained their market position by investing in sophisticated technology and investing in people training. Their headquarter is at 10 Carlyle Avenue, Hillington Industrial Estate, Hillington, Glasgow, Scotland, G52 4XX.

Including laser cutting services, JGB steel craft also provides products like light structural fabrication, bespoke machinery, steel pallets, basket and trolleys, steel furniture, etc.

Flux Laser Studio

This company is also on the list of popularity among the UK’s best laser cutting service companies. However, this company is a laser cutting and CNC service firm for creative design and industries. The workshop is located at Burns Street Studios, 15 Burns Street, Glasgow G4 9SA.

The main focus of this company is to improve CNC machining and laser cutting services. In this case, they have categorized different sections for CNC machining and laser cutting. They have the ability to laser cut and engrave up to 1200 x 900 mm. On the other hand, CNC cut and engrave up to 2400 x 1200 mm.

WEC Laser

This company established its company management in 1998. Continuous investment in cutting-edge laser cutting technology has been critical to the laser division’s rapid expansion throughout the past two years. However, the company location is at The Technology Centre, Junction Street, Darwen, Lancashire, BB3 2RB.

The laser cutting services from this company include laser cutting, tube laser cutting, box laser cutting, angle, channel laser cutting, powder coating services, etc. This company’s primary goal is to develop the company’s laser cutting technology and improve customer services.

3D Creative Workshops

John Edwards founded 3D creative workshops. This company has an excellent reputation for laser cutting services. Now, the company is located at 1 Duke Street, Dunbar, EH42 1NT, Scotland, United Kingdom.

However, the services from this company include 3D creative design solutions, 3D printing, production management, design training, laser cutting and engraving, tooling, etc.

Laser web

This company also specializes in laser cutting and engraving/ etching wood, plastic, card, leather, paper MDF, stainless steel, copper, and bronze. Laser web website contains few laser engraving experiences with their customers. However, the workshop location is at Unit C1, Shawfield Road, Carlton Industrial Estate, Carlton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S71 3HS.

Besides laser cutting, this company also helps customers create an exceptional design for their business or other essential sectors.

Laser-cut works

The last name on our list is the laser-cut works workshops located at Lasercut, 12 Raymouth Road, London SE16 2DB. This company is also an award-winning, design-led laser cutting and engraving service company in London.

However, they are experts in laser cutting and all types of CNC Machining. Laser-cut works kept its reputation by providing the best services among the customers.


In London, there are a good number of laser cutting service companies available. We took the top ten popular laser cutting service companies providing their services with an excellent professional reputation. We hope this article will help you get advanced research on laser cutting service companies.