CNC Milling Machine

The miling machine is a machie that remove metal from the work with a revolving milling cutter as the work is fed against it. The miling cutter is mounted on an arbor where it is held in place by spacers or bushings. The arbor is fixed in the spindle with one end, while the other end of the arbor rotates on the bearing mounted on the arbor yoke.

The milling cutters are generally made from high speed steel and are available in different sizes and shapes. There are such kinds of milling cutters as cylindrical cutters, end milling cutters (for face milling), form milling cutters, angular cutters, side and face cutters, slitting saw, etc. These cutters may differ in the direction of their operation, i.e. they may cut revolving either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Regular or irregular shaped work may be produced on a milling machine, designs varying according to the particular class of work wanted. According to position of the spindle, the milling machines may be divided into two groups of Vertical Spindle Milling machines and horizontal spindle milling machines. Milling machines may be grouped into various classes according to the variation in the general design as the “column and knee type”, the manufacturing types, and the planer type of milling machines. According to the table design, the milling machines may be classified as universal and plan milling machines.

The most important parts of the milling machine are: 1,starting levers
2, spindle
3, column
5,elevating screw
7, index head
8, speed levers
9, feed levers
10, table movement levers
11 foot stock
12,arbor yoke

The spindle of the milling machine is driven by an electric motor through a train of gears mounted in the column. The table of the plain milling machine may travel only at right angles to the spindle, while the universal milling machine is provided with a table that may be swiveled on the transverse slide for milling gear teeth, threads, ect.
Various attachments are used for increasing the range of work that can be performed on a milling machine. The dividing head (also called an index head) is a device used to divide the periphery of a piece of work into any number of equal parts, and to hold the work in the required position while the cuts are
being made.
Various kinds of vises may be used for holding the work in a milling machine, the most common being the plain vise, and the swivel vise.