Best CNC Plasma Cutting table in 2022

Metal Cutting is a common phenomenon, and we need metals every day. And thus, metal product manufacturing increased rapidly. In the previous, we have stated the best plasma cutter in 2022 on amazon. Some of the machines were portable and small, and some were for more significant workshops. In this case, to get a precision cutting, you need a computerized device that can give you a perfect shape. And so, we are here to present you with the best CNC plasma cutting table in 2022. We will try to demonstrate the essential information for each of the tables.

Moreover, we will try to find the features and customer’s experience. We will try to get the specifications and features for each of them. Finally, we will choose our best CNC plasma cutting table and the best-budgeted option for you. Please continue reading, and we promise you that you will love it.

Best CNC Plasma Cutting table in 2022

Depending on the availability, we have categorized the best CNC plasma cutting table into two different types. Six of them is nominal size CNC plasma cutting table, and four others are the CNC mini cutting tables. First, we will elaborate on the market condition of the six best CNC plasma cutting table. After that, we will continue explaining the rest four mini CNC plasma cutting tables available in 2022.

In each of the sections, we will demonstrate the specific table’s market strategy, the reason we selected that particular table, the General specification of them, and finally, we will leave a short suggestion regarding the respective plasma cutting table. 

STV CNC Sparx 4’ x 8’ 4800 (Best Pick)

All of the CNC plasma cutter cutting tables in this content are standard and for professional use. Among those, you will find some differences in features and specifications. Considering Different prices and feature differences, we took STVCNC as our best pick. We will demonstrate the features and development of this CNC plasma cutter.

STVCNC SPARX plasma cutting table is 120 inches long, 71 inches wide, and 32 inches table height. The total size of the machine, including the plasma torch holder, is 58 inches. You can choose a plasma machine for your STV SPARX plasma table, depending on your desired consistency. In this case, the maximum modular frame can hold up to 1.5 inches.

The product will come with a full software package and licenses. The software usually uses the Windows OS interface with several advanced attachments included. You will get an instruction manual from where you can learn more enough to assemble and disassemble the machine. Besides, the company will provide extra parts for replacement when it is necessary.

The stepper motor used here is highly accurate on all of the automated plasma cutter tables. You will get the best speed and consistency on any of the STV CNC plasma tables. Dry or water pan options are both available with the table. On the other hand, you will get a selectable input power option from this model.

If you are going to open an entry-level company, this CNC plasma cutter table will be the best choice for you. We aim for the beginners, so we took STV SPARX as our best choice from all of the CNC plasma cutter table. The price of this plasma table is comparatively low. Thus, you can get an excellent plasma table at a reasonable price.

GOFAB CNC plasma cutting table

This famous metal-making company serves the people locating at 101-141 Mesquite Ln, Burnet, TX 78611, United States. GOFAB specializes in two crucial features. First, Automatic material control sensors will automatically detect the materials’ surface and set itself to the right height for cutting. Second, the Automatic torch height control system will automatically detect the materials’ surface and set itself to the suitable cutting dimensions.

GOFAB CNC will offer you multiple CNC plasma table sizes, such as 4’x4’, 4’x8’, 4’x10’, 5’x10’. Besides, you will get an expected maximum modular frame size on the table. The moving mechanism used in this table is a rack and pinion system. The steel gears will last long more than the belt moving system. Also, you won’t need to do maintenance frequently.

As you know that plasma cutting is all about the heating, melting, and cutting process. So, there will be a hot environment near the centre of the table. GOFAB CNC specializes in the properties of plasma cutting. Each table has a reinforcement leg at the centre. In this case, You can stand with several adults on top of this table without stressing at all.

On the other hand, GOFAB CNC plasma tables can ensure long hours of hard labour. The tables are scalable where GOBFAB CNC can grow with your business. You can control multiple machines that need only one person to operate.  GOFAB CNC plasma tables can be the best choice for professional operators. If you are running a regular busy shop, this machine will grow your business very fast. There are a good number of features that made this CNC plasma table productive and stable.

KOIKE ShopPro Plasma cutting table

Are you looking for a multifunctional plasma cutting machine? KOIKE ShopPro is a combo plasma table that can perform multiple tasks. Koike Aronson, Inc. is proudly serving its customer locating at 635 W Main St, Arcade, NY 14009, USA. ShopPro TM is the Koike’s newest value-priced, high-performance cutting system offering exciting features that fit in small workshops.

First, The water table has curved slats that can load materials quickly. It doesn’t require any crane access. Thus, it reduces floor space and easily fits in a small location. Second, Dual Side Drive with Precision ground linear bearings ensures accurate and smooth motions. Third, the Precision helical gearbox with Nema 34-stepper motors provides smooth movement of the torch. Finally, the emergency stop button saddle quickly and safely shut off the machine.

ShopPro CNC plasma table is a combined machine with a 21” touch screen. This touch screen is a PRO version Software package with onboard completely integrated FlashCut 2D CAM/CAD package. Besides, it also has proper shape nesting, customizable cut charts, Customizable default lead-in, lead-out strategies, silhouette image import, DXF/DWG drawing input, 3D Simulation, Animated 3D cutting simulation, Advanced small hole processing, etc.

The maximum pipe diameter ShopPro can hold 6 inches with ½ inch wall and 8-foot maximum pipe length. Three base supports can withstand a maximum of 150 lbs per support. On the other hand, You can choose three table sizes according to your benefit, such as 4’ x 4’, 4’ x 8’, 5’ x 10’ (in meters). ShopPro TM offered Five Hypertherm conventional plasma systems based on their output cutting power.

ShopPro CNC plasma tables are User-friendly, Intuitive software opportunities, Ideal for novices, Low maintenance cost, High-cut ability & consistency, Fast and accurate, Reliable customer service.

Magnum Lite 4’x 8’ Plasma Cutting table

We got another excellent model for you here. Cyrious metal works company is one of the USA’s most popular brands for the plasma cutting process. In its products and service section, Magnum Lite is one of them. Cyrious Metalworks Inc. is serving its customers locating at 1758 Rose Hill Rd Whitewright, TX 75491. They have excellent reviews from their valuable customers.

There are five types of plasma tables, such as magnum 4×4, Cyrious 4×8, Magnum Lite 5×10, magnum Lite 4×4, magnum lite 4×8. We took magnum 4×8 in this article because we aim for medium-sized workshops. If you are interested, you can visit their website and see the specification. But in this article, all of the plasma tables are with a similar specification.

The total cutting space is 50 inches by 90 inches. It has Direct drive motors with rack and pinion moving mechanism. Thus, it doesn’t need replacement or maintenance. The switches used here are auto-squaring/homing. The company provides a 500-watt smart power controller with fault detection and shut down with High-Speed DTHC5 torch-height control sensors.

The machine will also use four 620 ounce-inch stepper motors combined with high-quality US-made micro-stepping motor drivers from Geckdrive. For CNC operation, there will be a preloaded Linux computer and command CNC. You will get Fully Licensed SheetCam and Control.

The features for this plasma cutter cutting table: Cyrious Z-axis with rigid rail and ball screw, Ohmic sensing, Collision detection torch mount, Backup touch off, Digital torch-height control, Dual-drive motors, Cut HVAC material, Preloaded with Hypertherm tool charts, Rapid travel speed (600 inches per minute), Compatible with routers and two-year warranty. You will get a standard product at a reasonable price. This machine also can be the right choice for the novice operator.

ACCURL High-Quality Plasma cutting machine (Best Budgeted Option)

This company is an international service providing institute. They have multiple branches in the major countries in the world. In this case, the USA branch is at 8439 S 4300 W, West Jordan, UT 84088. ACCURL typically has three basic sizes of CNC plasma cutting table, 1500mm x 1500mm, 1500mm x 3000 mm, 2500mm x 6000mm. In this case, we will choose 1500mmx 3000mm (cutting areas).   

ACCURL® plasma cutting machine provides comprehensive and flexible solutions with low investment. With the best budget, you can get an advanced plasma cutting machine, including the cutting table. It also provides improved accurate cutting quality. Without any confusion, this machine will be the profit centre of your business.

However,  The basic CPL-1530 specification that we chose in today’s got a total length of 4550mm and a full width of 2550 mm. Accordingly, we also chose HPR130 XD plasma system that is capable of cutting mild steel (16-38 mm), Stainless steel (20-25 mm), and aluminum (20-25 mm).

This machine uses Hypertherm EDGE® Pro CNC, HyPerformance® HPR130XD® plasma source with arc glide automatic height control system. The moving mechanism combines with dual side AC servo Y motorization with a direct gearbox. Rack and pinion drive system with precision linear rail guideways in X and Y axis ensure no maintenance or frequent replacement. Besides, a magnetic torch anti-collision protection system and laser pointer for plate alignment are also available with this machine. 

BAILEIGH Industrial PT-48AH-W CNC plasma table

From the best 4’x8’ CNC plasma tables list, we got Baileigh as our last choice. Baileigh is one of the famous brands in the USA. They have three main headquarters in three different countries. In this case, The USA location is 1625 Dufek Drive Manitowoc, WI 54221-0531. In the product description from this company, we can have seven different types of CNC plasma tables. Based on the sizes of them, we took PT-48AH-W for our today’s ranking. These tables are reliable and stable but compared to other CNC plasma tables, which is quite expensive.

PT-48AH-W is an 82.75” x 133.5” x 40” (2015 x 2125 x 1300mm) sky blue heavy steel frame makes perfect cuts in uneven materials. The working table size is about 60” x 100” (1524 x 2540mm). The touch Pad w/7” LCD Screen controls the overall machine. The travel speed of the motors is 315 inches per minute. Most importantly, the cutting capacity depends on the Plasma system that you will choose.   The Power required for CNC controlling is 220V/1-phase. BobCAD-Cam Express manages the overall CNC operations. The total weight counted for this CNC plasma table is about 3021 lbs or 1370 kg.

The automated height control feature makes the plasma cutting process safer and accurate. Baileigh ensures the operations’ safety, and thus they provide fully enclosed wires and electronics that prevent snags and tangles. You will get a 1-year warranty, the company servicing is quick, and the replaceable products are always available in the stock. You can get lifetime support over the phone or email to get more help regarding your machine.

CrossFire 45A CNC Plasma Table Bundle

This time, we are going to show you a mini CNC plasma cutting table. This entry-level CNC plasma table is comparatively cheap and profitable. Using these CNC tables, you can easily make a profit from the low investment. The first table we chose is from Langmuir systems organizations. You can find them in California, USA. In their product and services section, They have multiple product services regarding plasma cutting and welding. We chose the Crossfire 45A CNC Plasma table as our first pick for the best mini CNC plasma table.

This mini CNC plasma table is about 2’ x 2’ working area. Langmuir used a water stainless steel table with four legs. Moreover, Two stepper motors help the plasma torch move along the table. On the left side of the table, a moving rail material is of stainless steel that allows it to move back and forth. On the other hand, the adjacent moving rail helps to move left and right. The plasma source used here is Razorweld Razorcut 45 CNC with X45 Torch capable of cutting more than 9 mm of the metals. Therefore, we can say that this could be the perfect mini CNC plasma table for your mini-workshops.

On the left corner of the table, you will find a mini CPU that controls the CNC mechanism of the table. In this case, Langmuir used FIRE CONTROL CNC control software for safety. Moreover, each of the table legs has a moving wheel that frequently helps the table change its position. For e beginner and mini-workshops, this CNC plasma cutting table can be the best choice of yours.

Newlin machinery Portable CNC Machine with THC for Oxyfuel and Plasma Cutting

This portable CNC machine has a more comprehensive working range, but it is a mini version of the CNC plasma cutting table. It didn’t focus on the tables; instead, the company specializes in the moving mechanism system. Shuangbing compromised the price of the total machine. As a result, buyers can afford this machine at a very reasonable price.

The effective cutting range you will get from this machine is 1600 x 2500mm (63” x 98”).  It means that the plasma torch can cover these two dimensional area. On the other hand, the flame cutting thickness you will get from this machine is 5 – 150mm (1/5” – 6”), max 200mm (8”). As a supporting cutting, the device has flame and plasma (Plasma arc cutting equipment).  The flame cutting gases used here are LPG/Coal gas, Propane, Acetylene, + Oxygen. There are three types of plasma cutting equipment based on your target cutting thickness, 80amps-LGK80, 100amps-LGK100/CUT100, 120amps-LGK120. The cutting capability for each of the plasma cutting equipment are 80amps(1-8mm Piercing Cutting), 100amps(1-12mm/15mm Piercing Cutting).

The total machine requires a rated voltage of 110/220/240V ± 10% and 50/60n Hz frequency. The CNC controlling default maximum speed is 78.7 inches per minute, at No-Load situation is 118 inches per minute. The packaging dimension requires 88.98 x 5.91 x 3.94 inches, weighing 231 pounds. Besides, you will get two years of damaged warranty caused by nonhuman reasons.

From our suggestion, if you are aiming for a broad cutting area with a tight budget, we recommend you choose this one and the following two models. These CNC plasma cutting tables are portable and easy to assemble. It has a good number of reviews from the buyers. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the products.

TOOLOTS Portable CNC plasma cutting machine

We got a similar CNC plasma table as Newlin machinery published in the market. TOOLOTS portable CNC plasma cutting machine is also capable of cutting slight edge and broad steel surfaces. TOOLOTS has two main headquarters at 16300 Shoemaker Ave. Cerritos, CA 90703 and 17783 Indian St, Moreno Valley, CA. 92551. This model requires a higher price comparing to Newlin Machinery.

Generally, the RM-1530 portable CNC plasma cutting machine has two essential parts, CNC drive Unit and A aluminum alloy rail. The adequate cutting size is 59” (1500mm) width and 118” (3000mm) length. The max travel speed of the plasma torch is 118 Inches per min. In this case, the CNC control system doesn’t move left and right; instead, it moves back and forth. The CNC system used here is Fangling F2100B that provides a moving accuracy of ± 0.2mm per minute.

The cutting system used here is the Plasma cut master 120A, capable of cutting a maximum of 25mm or 1 inch. Besides, a Compact keyboard design and comfortable input facility are also available. Fangling F2100B can again load programs from USB devices containing 64M SDRAM for memory storage. You can perform any programming on RM-1530.

As we have said before, the last three CNC plasma cutting machines are ideal for small fabrication shops, maintenance and repair shops, trade schools, or for portable use within extensive facilities and construction sites. This one from TOOLOTS is user friendly and very easy to operate.

CROSSBOW CNC Plasma Cutting machine

At our final place, we took the CROSSBOW Plasma cutting machine for our final choice in the best CNC plasma cutting table series. However, CROSSBOW is an excellent product from ESAB manufacturings. This company is the leading company in the market since 1904. CROSSBOW is also a similar category CNC plasma cutting machine as the above two models. In this model, you will some extra controlling features.

The advanced CNC controlling unit has three switches at the left corner of the display panel. The big red button is for the emergency stop, and the other is for handling purposes. ALL of the facilities for CNC controls are available on this CNC driving Unit. On the other hand, the aluminum moving rails provide a smooth movement of the plasma cutting torch. 

The CNC provides: Built library of standard shapes, USB port for program loading, Quick setup for program loading, Kerf Compensation, Drive-enables switch. Plasma cutting offers motorized lifter, arc height control, ohmic touch height sensing, tool-less quick disconnect, and compatibility with most air plasma systems. This model is user friendly and very easy to operate.


The first six are the best CNC plasma cutting table available in 2022. The fifth one is the mini CNC plasma cutting table. And the rest of the three are the CNC plasma cutting machines with a mini portable CNC controlling system. Based on your requirement, you can choose any of these ten CNC plasma cutting tables and machines.

Before selecting all these CNC plasma machines and tables, we did long research for each item. I went through hundreds of backlinks and reviews and we came to this result. We hope this article will help you get the perfect CNC plasma machine for your business. We specialized in specifications, features, Price and Customer satisfaction. Mixing all this information, we made a ranking and brought you here.

If you are looking for the best Plasma cutting machine, please click on the link and know more. We hope you will love it. Stay with us and follow our channels. We will always be by your side with the best suggestion and reviews of CNC machining and tools.