Best Laser Wood Engraver

A precision engraving brings us accurate and organized designs. Human makes a mistake every time they manufacture, even a tiny percentage. But in this case, a machine doesn’t make mistakes. Wood engraving is also one of the most famous manufacturing processes. Consequently, we can engrave or cut wood using a routing machine or a laser wood engraving machine. CNC wood routing machine requires high motor power to get the smooth cutting process. But a laser wood engraver doesn’t need powerful motors, instead of a targeted laser source. In this article, we are going to demonstrate the best laser wood engraver for 2021. So, no more delay. Let’s dig in.

Laser Wood Engraving Machine

Laser wood engraving machine engraves wood using a powerful laser beam. The laser wood engraving machine is more accurate than the CNC routing machine. First, the Router machine can not carve tiny designs, where a CNC laser wood engraver engraves all small detail of the cutting procedures. Second, the Routing machine is slower than a CNC laser engraver. Finally, CNC laser engraver can perform both cutting and engraving materials. In this case, the wood engraving laser machines are more common than the laser metal engraver. A laser wood engraver will maximize your productivity and double triple your profit in the woodworking manufacturing area.

In reality, all the CNC machines look similar. If you consider the structure of the 3D device, you will get two different central axes that control the cutting torch. Two other motors rotate depending on the design position. The motor power depends on the size of the CNC laser wood engraver. CNC codes generate into the electric pulse to control the motor RPM and start/stops time.

On the other hand, The laser torch holds the laser gun connected to the laser source. The powerful, highly amplified beam burns the surface of the materials. In this case, we have prepared an article named “CNC laser cutter” to help you get complete knowledge related to laser cutting. If you are looking for a CNC routing machine, you would better read these two pages, CNC wood router and Best CNC mini router in 2022. 


Laser wood engraving is famous for printing. For furniture and other 3D stuff, the CNC router is more prominent than the laser engraver. Maybe you are familiar with the wooden or glass award. Have you seen the names and declarations on those materials? Can you wonder how to make those letters possibly?  Well, in this case, the laser engraving machine helps us a lot. It makes the product looks professional and accurate.

Laser wood engraver provides award engraving, image engraving, woodcutting, leather cutting and engraving, signage cutting, barcode printing, electric device printing, etc. Usually, a laser metal engraver is more potent than a laser wood engraver. But a laser wood engraver can also engrave soft materials, such as plastics, acrylic, lumber, etc. To know more about the trendy laser marked products, please read the linked article.

In the following section, we will be demonstrating the best Laser wood engraver available in 2022. We will describe each of their functional characteristics. We will distinguish the specifications. And finally, at the end of each review, we will try to figure out their pros and cons so that you can differentiate the laser wood engraver quickly.

Best Laser Wood Engraver

We may not need this laser wood engraver for large markings or signage. In this case, these markings or signage are only for government orders. Although some companies or factories might need this type of laser marking product, it is not often. General people are always looking for smaller laser marked products. Thus, they might not need to go for the giant laser wood engraving machine. This article has brought you the laser wood engraver of the area range 40 cm x 430 cm to 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm.  We hope this working area is suitable for any starting business for laser wood engraving.

ORTUR Laser Master

Working area and laser power are two essential specifications you may face while buying the best laser wood engraver. And so, we took the ORTUR laser master engraver as our best pick. It got a good number of sales on amazon. Also, You will get most of the positive reviews for this CNC laser wood engraver.

The engraving area you will get from this laser engraver is 400 x 430 mm. There are three machine types for the power range of laser source, 7W, 15W, and 20W.  We recommend 15W and 20W for the professional business start. For light use, you may choose 7W. You can customize the laser power range in the settings panel. The laser power range could be S0 – S1000.

A powerful stepper motor with a ball screw rail provides the smooth movement of the torch. There’s a G sensor on the motherboard that detects the unauthorized movement of the total machine. If it detects unauthorized movement, the laser beam will automatically stop working.

This product’s net weight is about 7.28 pounds and requires 22.44 x 21.65 x 6.9 inches of the packaging dimensions. It first came on amazon on August 12, 2020. In this short period, it made a lot of excellent reviews from the customers. We strongly recommend this laser engraver for your wood workshops.

  • Large Engraving area
  • Powerful laser engraving source.
  • Simple and Easy to use.
  • You may face difficulty with the assembly instruction. Therefore, you should contact the service online.
  • You may need some tinkering to get tight and aligned.

GanGou Laser engraver

This laser engraver got more reviews and sales on amazon. It has the most attractive features and specifications. But we didn’t take it as the best pick because of its engraving range. In some particular case, you may look for a smaller engraving area. But in general, for a starting business, it is not the best pick.

The engraving area of this laser engraving machine is 175 x 155 mm or 6.8 x 6.1 inches. The laser power used in this machine is 3W class 4 laser source. The laser gun can engrave all kinds of soft materials, such as wood, paper, plastic, rubber, bamboo, leather, etc.

GanGou Laser engraver offers you easy input and operating systems. This CNC machine supports both in windows 97/03/7/8 or 10. Besides, The CNC system supports the picture format of JPG, GIF, BMP, DIB, ICO, CUR, PNG.

The overall packaging requires 23.2 x 15.3 x 5.7 inches, weighing 8.48 pounds. This CNC machine is convenient. You can bring it anywhere you want. It comes with greater power, faster speed and more accurate positioning. If you are a designer or artist, this CNC laser engraver can be the best choice of yours. But for starting an engraving business, we won’t suggest this one.

  • Faster and smoother movement.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Friendly customer service.
  • Small engraving area.
  • The rated power is not enough to cut deeper.

NiocTech Laser Engraving machine

This model has some similarities with the GanGou laser engraver. Except for the structural designs, all other features are similar to GanGou laser engraver. So, we took it right after our second choice. This model is also very convenient to use and also very much defensive for your safety.

The laser gun used in this laser engraving model is about 3W, similar to the second pick. But the engraving area that is 75 x 75 mm is comparatively smaller than both GanGou and ORTUR. This model will be best for batches and logos. It also can cut all kinds of soft materials, such as wood, plastic, acrylic, papers, etc.

The company will provide you with some testing materials, such as paper and wood pieces. Besides, they will also offer the laser protective panel, power adapter, USB cable, a U disk and some screwdrivers and screws. It supports in windows system, such as WIN-97/03/7/8/10. The CNC system supports most of the image format, such as JPG, PNG, GIF, CUR, ICO, DIB, BMP, etc.

The overall packaging dimension requires 10.47 x 9.29 x 7.95 inches, weighing 2.8 pounds. The package will come with a laser engraver printer, a power cord, a green acrylic board, a data cable, five engraving test materials, a USB disk for driver and software and a manual.

  • It is convenient and easy to use.
  • The laser protective panel will save you from any laser reflection.
  • The testing material will help you understand the beginning use of the machine.
  • The engraving area is not big enough to print bigger pictures.
  • Very small compared to the others.
  • It is suitable for signage printing.

FoxAlien Store LE-4040 Desktop Laser engraver

This laser engraving machine is similar to the ORTUR laser engraver machine. Based on its customer sales, we took this machine in the fourth place of our ranking. You won’t face any complicated assembly after buying this machine. It can be the right choice for any professional start.

The engraving area of this laser engraver is 400 x 400 mm or 15.75 inches x 15.75 inches. The laser source used here is 5W class 4 laser unit. You can customize the power range at the settings from S) to S1000. This machine is suitable for any soft materials. It is compatible with GRBL software such as Lasergbl, Grbl control, Light burn etc. It also supports windows XP/7/8/10, Linux and Mac OS.

FoxAlien Laser engraver requires 25.2 x 22.83 x 9.06 inches of the packaging dimension weighing 10.68 pounds. This model is heavier than the other models described above. Finally, it would be best if you were careful while using this machine. It has a class four laser unit, so must use protective eyewear while using the device.

  • Large engraving area.
  • Best price compared to the specifications
  • Easy to use, low maintenance.
  • The software isn’t user friendly.
  • Be careful while burning the materials. Its better you put some protective board beneath the targeted material.

LaserPecker Compact Laser engraver machine

If you are not looking for a business start, you can try this laserpecker compact laser engraver. Still, for mini badges or logo designing and art craft science, you can choose this one to get the best start for beginners. This laser engraver is relatively small and very convenient at any place.

The engraving you will get from this model is 100 x 100 mm with the accuracy of ±0.01 mm. You can place it anywhere on the table at any place to get a quick burn for any soft materials. The powerful class 4 laser unit is capable of engraving wood, felt, fruit peel, leather, paper and cloth.

While using at verticle or horizontal position, ensure that you have your laser source at a focal length from 190 mm to 200 mm. Please ensure safety because laser burns all the organic materials too. The most exciting feature we will get here is the accessibility feature. You can control this mini laser engraver using any smartphone. If the machine gets overheated, it will automatically shut the device down. However, it comes with a packaging dimension of 8.2 x 7.4 x 4.5 inches, weighing 1.1 pounds.

  • Easy to use & locate the engraved position using a smartphone.
  • Smart app controlling feature. You will also get the in-app editing more setting.
  • You can engrave at any angle.
  • Easy power bank power system.
  • Not suitable for a professional business start.
  • It is not powerful any extensive and dark burns.

NEJE Mastere Laser Engraver

Next, we got another sizeable working area laser engraver, and it is from the NEJE Store. It came on amazon on October 27, 2019. Since this date, this model didn’t get customers attention as the above five models got. Therefore, depending on its popularity, we took this one as the next best pick. This model is also advantageous and compatible at any place for your workshops.

The engraving area is 150 x 150 mm for the wooden thickness of 2.5 – 3mm. 7-watt laser power with wireless control feature is capable of cutting any soft materials, such as wood, plastics, etc. This laser engraver is suitable for marking patters and logos declared by the company. But you can also engrave pictures using this laser engraver. There is a direct execution of BMP, JPG, PNG files available in this machine. NEJE Cloud feature will help you get thousands of engraving materials and resources to download and keep an update. This laser engraver requires 17.5 x 12.4 x 5.9 inches of the packaging dimension, weighing 4.99 pounds.

  • Powerful laser unit capable of cutting woods smoothly.
  • Easy to use and assembly.
  • NEJE Cloud feature.
  • APP controlling feature for both smartphones and laptops.
  • Checkout the controlling board before you assembly it.
  • Sometimes, due to its position, you may notice vibration and noise that may affect the nice burns.

MYSWEETY DIY CNC 3018-PRO laser engraving with CNC router KIT

As we have already said that, routing and laser engraving are two standard engraving process for wood. If you are looking for both routing and laser engraver, we recommend this model could be the best choice of yours. You can change the laser gun or router at the torch.

This laser engraver is a three-axis CNC router and laser engraver.  Basically, for laser operation, only two axes are enough for the engraving. You will need the third axis only for the routing operation. Anyway, the engraving area is 300 x 180 x 45 mm. The laser unit is 5.5 W provides the wavelength 450nm. The output current required is 3A with 12V DC power supply. The best working temperature is 10 – 40 degree Celcius.

 This laser engraver supports in windows operating system, Windows XP / WIN 7 / Win 8 / Win 10. The GRBL control system will allow you flexible controlling and easy input. The packaging dimension required for this machine is 17.5 x 9.5 x 7 inches that weigh 15.82 pounds.

  • It has both Routing and Laser engraving features.
  • 3018-PRO has the Upgraded CNC version.
  • Large engraving area.
  • Easy to use.
  • It has a different engraving stage for bottom layer protection.
  • Couplings may come loose.
  • It produces vibration and noise.

TiToe CNC laser and router engraving machine

MYSWEETY and TIToe are both combos with routing and laser engraving feature. Titoe 3018-PRO is almost similar to the MYSWEETY laser and router engraving machine. In this case, It got the engraving area of 300 x 180 x 45 mm. It can easily accommodate most projects.

The 5.5 W laser unit has a pleasing heat dissipation effect, high engraving power and long term available. Regarding this, please use two shields and a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from injury. It also has an offline controlling system.

This laser engraver is suitable for carving wood, plastic, acrylic, PCB, CCL, soft metal like copper and aluminium and other like materials. CNC 3018-PRO is an upgraded version with integrated driver chip, fixed heat sink, external fan, study casing to extend the life of the control board. The overall packaging requires 17.87 x 9.96x 7.36 inches of the dimension that weigh 16.99 pounds.

  • This machine has both the routing and laser engraving facility.
  • Large engraving area.
  • The sturdy basement will reduce vibration and noise.
  • Heavy. Not suitable for frequent place changing.
  • Check out the assembly process before you test the machine.

CENOZ DIY wood engraving machine

You may look for the best-budgeted option just for learning the laser engraving processes. In this case, this CENOZ laser wood engraver can be your best choice for an excellent start-up. This laser engraving machine has a large engraving area with standard laser unit power. It is best for beginners.

The 200 mm x 290 mm engraving area will allow you an excellent space for any laser markings.  The 3W high power laser unit can engrave any soft materials, such as wood or plastics. Also, it has good heat dissipation, care for both speed and stability. It supports Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 10/ Android. But it doesn’t support windows vista, MAC/IOS, UNIX, Linux.  You can insert JPG/JPEG/PNG picture format.

The packaging dimension is 19.5 x 18 x 9.5 inches, weighing 11.73 pounds. The packaging includes one CNC laser engraver, one user manual, one U disk, one power supply, one USB cable, one protective google, cardboard, supporting computer/offline/Bluetooth control.

  • Easy installation and good protective.
  • It is the best for beginners from company recommendation.
  • Easy to use. Only by using a phone, you can engrave the wood.
  • Not suitable for professional uses.

BZC DIY laser engraver

Our last best pick is this BZC DIY laser wood engraver from BZC store. It is also a mighty machine. This laser machine is a brand new laser machine came on amazon on October 6, 2020. In this case, due to its popularity, it hasn’t got any sales on amazon. But if you look through the specification, it is a lovely model for the beginners.

The engraving area is 300 x 400 mm with 2.5W laser unit. The laser is not that powerful as the other models above. But yet, for the beginners it is a standard for any start. You can use this machine on a wide range of materials, such as wood, plastics, bamboo, etc. it supports WIN-97/ 03/ 7/ 8/ 10. You can insert most of the image format for engraving.

  • Large engraving area.
  • Easy to use and compatible.
  • Weak laser gun.
  • It vibrates when the stepper motors start.


The above brief explanation might make you clear on each of the specifications. All of them got the same working specifications, rather than the structures and features. To get this ranking, we have considered a few particular factors behind these laser wood engraver. We also invested broad research for this article. We can assure you that each of the information written here is valid and well researched from the customer review section. Finally, We hope this article will help you find the best wood engraver for your wood starting business.

Things you must consider for the best laser wood engraver

First of all, think about the sectors you may need this laser wood engraver. In this case, accessibility features will help you fill up your first demand. Let’s say you want a laser wood engraver for a quick laser marking business. Regarding this, you must go for the Mobile device controlling CNC laser engraver. So, accessibility is an essential factor to consider before choosing the best laser wood engraver.

Secondly, focus on the rated power required for your targeted laser wood engraver. This factor is essential because if your laser machine is not powerful enough, you may not get the perfect printing. Usually, in this article, we have taken the laser power from 3000 mW to 5000 mW.  

Thirdly, Think about your product size. If your targeted product is smaller than the engraving area, it is a waste. On the other hand, you will not expect to get a smaller engraving area where your product is more oversized. So, choosing an appropriate engraving area is essential.

However, we have brought you the best laser wood engraver available in the market. We recommend you first read through this article and compare our information in the real market. If you get the perfect suggestion, boom, you can select the laser wood engraver. We have a more interesting article on this blog. Please have a glance at our homepage, and we got lots of CNC machine guides. We hope you will like them. See you there.