Trendy laser marked products (Best on Etsy in 2022)

Fashion makes us organized and professional in every aspect of our lives. In this case, if you consider manufacturing fashionable or trendy products, you will need to get laser cutting technology. It is because Laser cutting is easy, fast, and accurate. You will get every small detail from laser cutting technology. And thus, today, we will introduce you to some trendy laser marked products best on Etsy. 

Etsy is an American online shopping website that has focused on handmade items and craft supplies. These items have a wide range of categories, including jewelry, bags, showpieces, gifts, etc. This article will demonstrate the popular laser marked products types and items with a good number of sales.

Best trendy laser marked products on Etsy

Laser cutting has a wide range of usage. These usages make various laser marked products. But considering the size and thickness of the product, a laser engraving machine is not suitable for all. Here they make differences. In this case, the sheet metal and soft materials are ideal for laser engraving.

However, Most of the popular laser cutting products came from thin sheet metals and soft materials such as wood, plastics, leather, Sheet board, papers, etc. In the description below, you will get an idea of each of the products. You will get a general view of the responsible service provider information. And Most importantly, you can visit them by clicking on the link added below each of the descriptions. So, no more delay, let’s dig in.

Stainless Steel Laser cut Map

How about you make a laser Stainless steel map of your city as a décor in your house? This product has an accurate and prominent appearance on the city map. It can help you to remember any locations in the city. Besides, you can also use it as decor. This Stainless Steel laser cut map is 5 x 7 inches framed and ready to hang or display on your desk.

CutMaps, the service provider, usually deliver the product in 20 days. After ten days of order placement, they will start the shipment. By contacting them, you can design your city map as per your requirement. CutMaps only provide stainless steel laser-cut city Maps. There are a good number of customers who recommend this shop for the best laser cut city map.

Laser Cut Unfinished Wooden Greek Letters

If you have a kid, maybe you will need your kid to know more about the Greek letters. In that case, these laser-cut Greek letters can be the best solution. Besides, these laser-cut Greek letters do great DIY projects. Uptowngreek, the service provider, usually deliver this product in 3-5 business days. They provide sanded and unfinished Greek letters. You can paint your Greek letters in any of your favorite colors as your own. 

The material used here is the ¼” birch wood. You can customize your letters’ height and let the service provider know which letter you want to laser cut. Usually, 2.5″, 5″ or 10″ size letters available in the shop. Uptowngreek also provides alpha seal sweet t-shirt, pillow cover, coffee mug print, etc.

Birthday Calendar Laser Cut Files

We often forget the celebration day of our closest friend or family member. Want something to remember your friends and family’s birthday? A Laser-cut birthday calendar will help you get through this problem. This excellent product is 18.44 inches long and 5.31 inches wide with 1.4 inches for the set of shapes(heart, circles, and stars). The Bigbluelaserdesign, the service provider, used ¼” walnut plywood and ¼” maple plywood for this product.

The Bigbluelaserdesigns, a service provider, allows any of your favorite designs. Besides, this shop provides other services like wooden holders, reminders, decors, etc. In their Etsy profile, you will get an idea of their services if you visit them. They have excellent samples of their works there. Besides, they will give you a friendly customer solution. As a result, this store got a significant number of buyers and got excellent reviews from them.

Laser-cut Notebook, Sketchbook, Spiral

We all want diaries to keep memories, write a favorite lyric, or note some special events. Laser cutting technology will help you to make your dream notebook. You can make any design on the cover part of the book.

However, HereafterLA is the service provider of this kind of notebook.  This shop provides a notebook of 5.25″ x 7.25″ journal with 160 unlined blank pages. The book’s front cover is laser-cut certified sustainable wood, and the back cover is navy leatherette with a gold foil logo. The origin of this store is in Angeles, California.

HereafterLA ensures that their products are ready to ship within 1-3 business days.  They also accept returns and exchanges. They also provide different laser cutting products, such as puzzle pieces, laser-cut ornaments, storybook box covers, etc.

Set of 15x Christmas laser-cut décor and snowflake ornaments

We all love Christmas. We often find trouble decorating the Christmas tree. Well, KWUDLV brought you the laser cut Christmas wooden snowflake ornaments that you can use for Christmas tree decoration. In this case, this store usually provides a set of 15 pieces of different designed wooden ornaments. They all are 80mm long and 85 mm wide (3 ¼ ” x 3 3/8 “). The material used for this item is 4mm or 5/32” thick Baltic birch plywood.

KWUDLV usually send their delivery within 1-3 business days. Besides these laser-cut wooden ornaments, they also make other laser-cut items such as laser printing, wood wedding box, wedding cake top, magnetic knife holder, personalized wooden letters, invitation cards, engraved wooden coasters, wood signage, etc.

Laser Cut Solid Brass Flower

These 56 mm x 44 mm little flowers can be among the best décors in the celebration or other festivities. Clbeads has a prominent number of sales on Etsy comparing to other shops. These little laser-cut flowers are made of brass. Why are these so special? Because this shop used real gold and silver for plating. Thus, these flowers are a little heavy and stable. Sometimes, the size and color may vary slightly.

These products ship from China warehouse. Usually, Clbeads deliver these products within 10-13 business days approx with tracking details. Clbeads also provides different ornamental products, such as shell and snail,k semi-precious stone, sterling silver, oxidized silver, gold plated ring, 3 feet premium gold plated chains, etc.

Star wars Bookmark set personalized gift

Star Wars lightsabers set are ideal for bookworm and booklover. 1/8 thick beautiful birch wood is the material for the wood bookmarks. These laser cut and laser engraved Bookmark includes a colored tassel. In the inbox, you can choose your favorite color before you place an order.

Each of the bookmarks is 2 x 8 x 0.125 inches with five different designs, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Kylo Ren, and Yoda. QuetzalStudio offers a personalization service for this, where your text, quote, or logo will be engraved on the bookmarks. Besides, they also make it an exceptional gift for any occasion: birthday, baby showers, bridal showers, anniversaries, engagements, valentine’s day, Christmas, etc.

Perpetual calendar CNC laser cut

This stylish calendar is ideal for the Christmas calendar and any gift.  Dolodom used CNC laser cutting and engraving technology to manufacture this item. It is 240 mm of the height, 235mm of the width, and 60mm of the depth (9.3 x 2.4 x 9.4 inches). The material used here is the 1/8 inches American plywood. 

You will find more exciting products from this store. There are a good number of trendy laser cut products available in dolodom. In this case, the products include toys, showpieces, Christmas decorations, stylish calendars, puzzles, holders, pencil cases, etc. You can customize your design to the product you want. Later, within 1-3 business days, your ordered item will be ready for shipment.

Grateful dead clock

Another excellent product from laser-cutting technology is this type of laser-cutting clock. Captainwoodbeard is the seller of this product. To start a business of laser cutting, this one is ideal. The design of this product is not complicated, and it is easy for CNC operation. In this modern world, people are looking for a trendy clock. So, this one can be the ideal choice.

This dead clock’s diameter is 11.5 inches, and the material used here is 1/8 inches birch wood. The total thickness of the structure of the clock is ¼ inches except for the clock mechanism. After you place an order, this product will be ready for shipment within two weeks. This shop also makes different laser cutting products, including ornaments and decors.

Road Map Wall Decor Laser Cut Wooden Map

This item is almost similar to the cutmaps’s product. This trendy product is not only a décor but also a regular guide before you leave your house. Well, This idea is unique and very useful. This item is made of ¼ inch plywood. CNSEngraving is its manufacturer. You can customize your city and make a décor like this one.

The dimension of this product is 21 ½ inches x 20 inches. This item is pretty more immense than the cutmaps’s metal city map. After placing an order, this wall map will be ready for shipment within ten business days. Besides this item, CNSEngraving also provides mug laser printing, signage, etc.

Geometric Delights laser cut coasters

We all need coasters for our dining table. A Trendy coaster is more beautiful than as usual one. In this case, laser-cut coasters are more accurate and fashionable. As a business start, this one is a perfect idea for low investment. Lasaris is the seller of this product. This seller makes different designs of dining table coasters.

The material of this item is wood. Thus, it is capable of taking much more heat. Therefore, you won’t find trouble placing your hot frypan or any kitchen appliances. After placing the order, this item will be ready for shipment within five business days. You can choose your design before placing the order.

Acrylic menu for Wedding and Special Event

Wedding, anniversaries, and special events are always unique to us. And thus, people want their ceremony so special than others. They always want to make memories through their celebrations. This type of laser engraving design is more fashionable than the usual one. This item is 5″x 7″ x 1/8″ of the dimension. The materials used here are acrylic and ink.

ModLode is the seller of this product. Indeed they brought an excellent idea of making invitation or menu cards. This product attracts people and lets them like this one. The seller usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete the order. Besides this item, this seller also provides events management and makes decors.

Laser-cut puzzle dinosaur

Kids love puzzles, and they learn from puzzles. But to do these puzzles, you must ensure the accuracy of the edges. Hence, laser cutting helps us solve this problem. Most parents like to buy puzzle toys to teach their kids some lessons.  This item is 320 mm x 230 mm in size, and the material used here is American sustainable plywood.

 GoodsLasercut makes various laser cutting toys and decors. If you want to buy or get some idea to start a business like it, you can click on the link attached and visit them.

Black Laser Cut Leather handmade women’s bracelet

Leather is one of the most famous materials in the clothing industry. Laser cutting technology took advantage in this sector too. This type of laser cutting leather bracelet is gorgeous and sexy. We all want an enjoyable night with our beloved ones. This item will make women more attractive and makes a special occasion for your special moment. There are lots of items that you will like from this shop.

After you make an order, the seller usually completes the order within 10-15 business days. Whipandcake, the seller of this product, makes a variety of laser cutting leather cloths. Visit their shop, and find your choice according to your requirements and events.

Laser-cut Covers

These covers have a very tiny small design that makes them more beautiful and attractive. Think, what if you want your particular person to visit your house? What if you make his/her invitation card inside these covers? These designs will convince your particular person to accept your proposal. It is a great initiative to start a business like this one. Laser-cutting technology makes it real and so accurate.

CardPaperlove, the seller of this item, has a collection of unique cards and covers. The size of the covers is 120 x 168 mm. It has seven different colors, and you can choose any of them.

Custom laser-cut custom Logo

This item is our last pick for the trendy laser marked products. Suppose you have a shop you want to make your shop or office more fashionable. This type of laser-cutting business logo makes the seller’s mind more confident about your product.  Skylinelaser makes different logos and posters for companies and shops.

 The material used here is ¼” thick mirrored acrylic. You can make your design and let the seller manufacture it for you. This seller also provides the events signage, names, and posters, etc.


If you want to find similar products like these trendy laser marked products, you can visit the Etsy shops. If you still couldn’t match your choices with the provided products, you can contact the seller, and they will help you make your design.

On the other hand, if you want to start a business, we recommend visiting these Etsy shops and getting some idea about the choices and market demands of the laser marked products. These products are the most popular items for trendy laser-cut products. We hope that this article was fascinating and helpful for your next steps.